Each company has its own vision for its employee’s career management, as well as the relationships that should govern their interactions with the company. Our firm proposes to relieve you of all ancillary tasks to personnel management, such as payroll, drafting of internal guides, employment contracts and handling of tax and social declarations. We offer flexible solutions.

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Labor regulation and Payroll

Social advises and services

We assist managers in matters of social law and personnel management.

Labor regulation

  • Clarify labor laws and regulations.


  • Drafting of employment contracts.


  • Procedures related to the termination of
    the employment contract.


  • Employee’s representation, works council.


  • Salaries benchmarking.


  • Salary preparation.


  • Monthly and yearly social declarations.


  • Assistance during Social security
    administration controls.


  • Assistance for expatriates salary transfers

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